Two is Better Than one

Wildlife and Adventure in the best nature destinations


How our story began…

Nattule is the result of a mountain bike journey where two friends dreamt to be able to outline their routes of a website made specifically for nature activities.

The idea grew to be what is now Nattule, not just a web browser. Nattule does not just simply connect supply and demand, it adapts to your personal wants and needs. Suppose you are having a nice, relaxing day, but inside, you are longing to get outdoors and observe the wildlife in the beaches of Tanzania. Well, we can take you there! And if tomorrow you want to get into the Atacama desert, count on us.

Nattule will embrace the 209,000 natural protected areas in the whole world. Here’s what you will find here: from ecotourism to adventures, from trekking to rafting. We have what you are looking for because we think of you. And we think of you because you are one of us.

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