Andalucía Open Future: A unique opportunity

Alejandra Mármol
Alejandra Mármol

After several weeks of intense selection process, nerves, preparation, and lots of coffee, Nattule has been one of the companies selected for the “V Convocation Crowdworkings Andalucia Open Future”, a joint initiative of Telefónica and Junta de Andalucía to help companies incipient to take off and strengthen in the national scene.

The illusion of our team when the news came can not be expressed in words. In full Christmas holidays, with the members scattered throughout the map and the knot of uncertainty in the stomach, knowing that we had passed the process and were in the program was a unique Christmas gift.

This selection process has been simultaneous in the three Open Future centers in Andalusia, so there have been several start-ups that share our fate. Specifically, Nattule has entered El Cubo, the Open Future center in Seville, along with three other start-ups. The warm welcome from the management team and the other selected companies was a very illuminating first impression of what we could expect from this project.

We face this opportunity with great enthusiasm. Without a doubt, our desire to prove and improve ourselves every day was a great incentive to be selected in this project. Nattule’s technology, staff and organization were strong arguments for its election.

First day of the Sevilla team at El Cubo. From left to right: Sara, Alejandra, Luis, Elena, Jorge … We do not forget the rest of our team!

But do not worry, we still have our feet firmly on the ground. We are aware that, without the experiences offered by our collaborators, none of this would exist. At the end of the day, this selection is a recognition of the hard work of all those professionals who dedicate their day to day to natural tourism.

Alber Moya, Product Manager of Nattule, had also something to say: “ We are especially excited to enter Andalucía Open Future where, together with 3 other companies, we will begin the acceleration period during the month of January in space of crowdworking El Cubo in Seville surrounded by the best mentors in the technology sector.</ em>

We want to take Nattule to the next level and we are sure that this acceleration program will make us make a difference and it is undoubtedly an opportunity that we do not want to waste. ”.

Just part of the Nattule team! From left to right: Toni, Alber, Jorge, Elena, Sara y Alejandra.

And is that this new stage could not come at a better time. After securing its national position, Nattule has spread its presence on the international scene very quickly in recent months, and has activities of companies in Nepal, Morocco, Portugal, France, Greece, besides being in contact with South America, Africa and other areas in Europe.

With the help of the acceleration program, we hope to take the internationalization of Nattule further, and continue climbing steps in our professional career. For this, we have the advice of experts in different business sectors and other necessary fields to carry out this feat.

The technical quality of this project is only comparable to the human quality of its members, and ensures an unforgettable experience at the business and personal level. We are sure that, in this new stage we have just begun, we will reap a significant part of what we hope Nattule will become for international ecotourism, and be able to give the deserved value to so many collaborators who, with their experiences, make the world a little happier.

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