Snowshoeing in Spain: 9 places where you can enjoy it

Cintia Santana
Cintia Santana

For many of us, the storms that are landing this winter in the country may not be the most pleasant visitors. Leaving home becomes an odyssey and reaching your destination in one piece (and dry) should be considered an Olympic sport. Even so, in Nattule we like to look on the bright side and we want to bring a little light to this situation.

We leave the level of the reservoirs to the news, and we bring you something different that surely improves your mood. Wrap up well, because in this article we propose you to visit 9 autonomous communities on snowshoes. Whether you already have experience or if it’s your first time on snowshoes, with these destinations you will not want it to stop snowing!


Alto Campoo

It´s one of the best places to snowshoe in Spain. To start the adventure of snowshoeing in Alto Campoo in Cantabria, look for the exit that begins in the Alto Campoo parking lot, from where you will go with your expert guide to the Sapo Valley. Close to there is Hoyo Sacro, a spectacular meadow surrounded by the highest peaks of the Herradura de Campoo, are the summits of Tres Mares, Cuchillón and Cornón, with the Sierra de Híjar, with the Peñalabra plateau, the Sierra de Rope as a background, and the majestic Picos de Europa. Also, you can do a snowshoe night route during full moon days, it´s an experience that will be recorded in your mind forever.



The Las Ubiñas Natural Park is the second highest mountain in the Picos de Europa, located in Asturias. It includes altitudes higher than 2,400 meters and territory with pronounced reliefs.

It is perfectly designed to cover kilometers on snowshoes and let you take one of the most beautiful and amazing places of Asturias, the Natural Park of Ubiña-La Mesa.

Dare with routes of medium difficulty over places as significant as the councils of Lena, Quirós and Teverga included in the Somiedo Regional Hunting Reserve.


In the Lakes of Covadonga, you can start in the world of rackets without any problem. These three sites -Enol, Ercina, and Bricial- fed by a spectacular waterfall, form the Lakes of Covadonga in Asturias.

Enol Lake

It will be the first one that we will find when introducing ourselves to Covadonga’s, from it highlights its green-poppy color in summer and, purity in winter. It is a simple route that everyone can do, even the smallest ones.

Once a year among its ravines the sound of bagpipes and drums is heard, it is because under its waters there is an image of the Virgin of Covadonga , in whose honor they celebrate every year a holy mass where, at the end, the image is immersed for another year in a dark cave, hidden among the beautiful waters of the lake.


It is a small lake located in the north of the mountain just 600 meters from Enol, both related by its glacial origin and its geographical location since they are only separated by the Picota de Enol.

In it live coots and wild ducks, among other animals. The color of its waters varies and its aquatic vegetation changes from light green to dark green or yellow. Unpublished phenomenon that in very few places you can contemplate.


A beautiful place that only extends its white wings when the coldest winter arrives in Spain. This year has come strong, which has allowed this place to show us its white nature to be able to walk on it.

In the past, the whole valley formed a huge lake but, nowadays, temporary lagoons are formed, fed by the beautiful waterfall «Meana». However, when the thawing of the white mantle arises, it becomes full of life, not only because of the increase in flow but also because the birds that are in Ercina fly to it.


Lakes ok Malniu

It is located about 2260 meters high, in the middle of a forest of black pine, in the region of Cerdanya, Girona. It is a simple and very typical journey among tourists from Barcelona.

The most interesting thing is that you will discover lakes and places of a high mountain with a very low technical difficulty surrounded by pines and granite blocks.

To get there, you will have to walk an hour and a half along a path to the Sierra del Home Mort.

If you want more, you can continue for about three hours, along with a path that is well signposted to Lake Mal, not forgetting to stop by the viewpoint of Prat Fondal to see its incredible views and enjoy the nature.

Pico de Puigpedrós

At the foot of Malniu, crossing the refuge of Engorgs, we find Puigpedrós, being the jewel in the crown, with 2914 meters above Cerdanya. It is a delight for those people who love high mountain climbing and adrenaline.

Well, deep was in yesteryear since that river now called the «dry river». The shortage of water in Spain has brutally palliated this river. It has forced the government to take such drastic measures as to transfer water from other rivers to it.

The exceptional views of the Cerdanya, the mountains of Andorra and the rest of the Pyrenees will compensate for the effort of the ascent.


Larra Belagua (Roncalia).

The snowshoes make snowfall for everyone, and the Nordic ski resort, Larra-Belagua, in Navarra, makes it happen. It has routes marked out along almost 7 kilometers, in the middle of an ideal landscape for all fans even for those who do not have the possibility to see.

For the latter, there are two circuits of two hours each, of low difficulty and although they have some slopes that will demand a little more movement in the legs, there is no danger. The two routes are:

  • Circuit of El Ferial: The 5-kilometer route, circular and specific for rackets. They will descend slopes and climb hillsides that will test the resistance and the adventurous spirit. </ Li>
  • La Contende Tracks: the second option is in the La Contenta area, just before the French border. It is also a circular route, but this time it will be on the edge of the Nordic ski slopes. It has sections of great ups and downs, but with tranquility, what is involved is to exercise your legs and feel a little closer to the natural ecosystem. </Li>

If the rackets are made for everyone, also for you. If you still do not dare, there are many other sustainable activities in Navarra to enjoy this incredible nature.

Castilla y León

Picos de Urbión

The Picos de Urbión with its 2229 meters of height, divides the river Ebro del Duero, to Soria de la Rioja, proclaiming itself the highest summit of Soria.

It stands out for its large forests of wild pine, but its main peculiarity is that it stands on a small glacial cirque. This for naturalists is worthy of curiosity and attention.

You will gain altitude quickly, but before reaching the peak, many adventures await us on the way. Cross a wooden bridge while you feel how the water glides over the rocks of a canal that can be seen in the distance. The place invites us to know, learn and contemplate an esplanade of perfectly aligned Milestones on a smooth slope.

To get to this spectacular landscape and have spectacular panoramic views. We recommend that you leave the road from the following places, ordered from most to least time (2, 3 and 5 hours respectively):

  • The Black Lagoon «the bottomless lake»
  • Duruelo de la Sierra
  • The Urbión River Valley

When you look up to the horizon, you will want to travel Urbión from its southern part to the north and from east to west. For this you will need to stay a few days is this beautiful place. And what better place, to finish appreciating the totality of its nature than to wake up in a rural house.

Sierra de Neila

Neila is not a mountain range like any other one, in its interior, it keeps the biggest glacial cirque of the Iberian system and a set of wonderful lagoons. Sites of sandstones, marls, clays and siliceous conglomerates a whole delicacy for those who love nature.

When observing it, it is as if you take four pieces from a gigantic hill to let its soft relief shine. From the edge of the lagoons to the valley, everything is covered with a leafy and extensive forest with a large ecosystem that the geeks of the biosphere can not miss.

It will make you feel like you are walking through the clouds, but beware of the north wind, it can leave you cold!


Sierra Nevada

This massif, straddling Granada and Almería, belongs to the whole of the Bética Cordilleras, specifically to the Sistema Penibético, in Andalusia.

Considered the second highest peak in all of Europe with an altitude of 3,482 meters above sea level. You can feel very fast changes in temperature, everything will depend on the altitude at which you are and how prepared you are for these experiences. Circumstances that test everyone who decides to know it.

The meteorological situation in this Natural Park does not go unnoticed, scarcely the sun is seen and in winter it does not stop snowing, conditions for which, without the help of rackets, we could not appreciate the places so spectacular that the place offers us.

Try to see it from a unique perspective on this night snowshoeing, you’ll love it!

Puerto de la Ragua

It is one of the corners of Sierra Nevada that not everyone knows, but nevertheless, it is the only cross-country skiing trail in Andalusia. Not only that but, to be the only track, it is of great quality and the option as a training ground for many professionals and specialists.

From there you can see the beaches of Almeria; the best image and demonstration of the incredible natural contrast and immense biodiversity. It is as simple as looking at the horizon, and contemplating how it is shown, as simple and natural as the process of photosynthesis.

You can not miss the opportunity to know the Puerto de la Ragua and the magnificent track in full. If you want to spend a little more time, we recommend that you stay and enjoy a delicious coffee at the Shelter-Shelter located in the same station.


Tena Valley

In the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees, we find the Tena Valley, with an innate beauty that lies in its rocks, forests, and lakes.

Turned into a tourist destination, because it houses in it, the Aramón Formigal-Panticosa ski resort. Infrastructures make it an ideal and essential place for fans of winter hiking, mountaineering and mountain skiing. They become irresistible and travel kilometers and kilometers on its snow, colors, and lights in autumn.

For all those who always want more, there are routes with low, medium or high difficulty so you will not leave there without feeling the leader of the tracks.

Aramón Formigal

The ski resort of Aramón Formigal-Panticosa is located in the Pyrenean municipality of Sallent de Gállego, Huesca.

In winter you can discover spectacular snowy landscapes, mountain refuges, and frozen lakes. You will enter a huge desire to climb on them and imagine how ideal it would be to be able to skate on that frozen water. Anyone who dares with 137 kilometers can participate in the routes and enjoy it!

On the ski resort of Formigal there are some hallmarks of the Valley: La Peña Foratata. At your feet is where you can start your route on rackets. Live adventures after crossing Formigal, hiding among the black pines and stone blocks, especially calcareous and andesite, as a review of the volcanic activity that existed in the past.
It is an experience that will undoubtedly transport you.

La Rioja

Posadas – Cima Parlacia

The Parlacia Summit is located at Sierra de la Demanda, La Rioja. Lonely summit, smaller than the peaks of the San Lorenzo circus. This does not prevent him from being a demanding ascension.

Clear days, although little last. The cold predominates above all, in the highest areas. Provide yourself with snowshoes and start the march for the different altitudes you will have to overcome, but before arriving, you can enjoy the inn.

Be careful that the deer are elusive and the stones very treacherous. Do not hesitate to look at your sides while you are walking. Observe among the large pines as the sun goes down and the moon opens its path.


A ski resort located on the slopes of Mount San Lorenzo, in the region of Rioja Alta.

Landscaping beauty, unique sensations is what the Sierra de La Demanda, Valdezcaray, offers us. With a white mantle and some snowshoes, it will allow you to walk slightly, feeling step by step, how the snow caresses your feet.

You will remember some visits to the village of Ezcaray, an authentic paradise of nature, its lush forests and springs rising from the Oja river. Without forgetting the magnificent ski school that year after year, teach many people to enjoy natural spaces.


Puerto de Somosierra

Port of Somosierra, place of passage between the northern sub-plateau and the southern sub-plateau, a very pleasant small path located in the Central System of the Iberian Peninsula, exactly in the municipality of Madrid.

Descending the Duraton ravine or the Cascada de las Chorreras is a very good option for those who are starting. It is an easy route, in which you can start the engine until you reach La Cima del Pico- Tres Provincias.

This place will love you. You will pass through horizontal sections in which you can see beautiful views. After them, you will want to see more and with the last effort, you will contemplate the beautiful Peña Cebollera (summit).

Guadarrama Mountain range

Winter mountains and unique landscapes are the pine forests of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. A mountainous alignment that presents a silhouette with the shape of a dragon’s back, a peculiarity that in the Middle Ages was called «Dragon’s mountain range».

This mountain range is a mountainous system older than others such as, for example, the Pyrenees, the Alps, the Andes or the Himalayas. The most abundant rocks are granite and gneiss. The flora of this mountain range is characterized by an abundance of wild pine forests, some brushstrokes of oak groves, holm oaks, pastures, and shrubs.

In these ecosystems, mammals abound, such as deer, wild boar, roe deer, fallow deer, badgers, several mustelids, wild cats, foxes, and hares as well as a large number of waterfowl species such as the imperial eagle or the black vulture, among others.

Among so many animals and their silhouette, it might seem like a wildlife reserve, where the animals are really free and nature can be pure and authentic. If you want to take out their most photogenic profile, here are some tips to become a «bestial» animal photographer

Comunidad Valenciana


On a rock that raises the people towards the sky, the Chodos. It is located in the region of Alcalatén, of agricultural tradition, in the province of Castellón.

Because of its location, in winter the mounds of snow can reach 1 meter in height, leaving less than 100 inhabitants unable to leave home. This incredible accumulation of snow makes the town an ideal destination for snowshoeing.

A striking and peculiar region full of pine and oak trees so you can get lost among its green, gray and brown colors.

As a result of these last snowfalls, the place is spectacular. The structure of the castle, church and snowy pine forests leave an impressive and exciting image of the beautiful town of the Chodos, is priceless.

Pico Penyagolosa

It is no fewer than the highest peak of Castellón, a mountainous nucleus of 1813 meters that belongs to the Iberian System, from where you can appreciate in a panoramic way the region of Castellón and Aragón.

The snow giant of extensive pine forests. Destination not only for lovers of winter activities but also for fans of pilgrimages and celebrations. It is divided into two very different parts: the south wall, a vertical precipice from which it has become a meeting point for climbers. And the northern slope shows a softer and more pleasant relief where tourists prefer to stay after a day in Nature.

The province of Castellón shines kilometers of coast and mountain. Its good climate, even in winter, turns the snowy landscape into an unusual place. As we do not want you to miss it, we offer you the opportunity to know, investigate and experience new sensations, and we encourage you to do sustainable tourism activities in Castellón.

Seen all this, it is clear that snowshoes are the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature no matter what the weather. In the middle of a winter landscape, and with the mountains as a backdrop, you will have the perfect opportunity to start the journey and start writing your own story. And you? Have you started?

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