Water sports in Lanzarote, the Eden of adventures in the water

Alejandra Mármol
Alejandra Mármol

Distributed throughout the world, there are countless paradises. Today we are talking about one of them: Lanzarote.

There is a false concept that, in order to find our particular Eden, we must cross oceans and continents. Sometimes, it is closer than it seems. As the island of Lanzarote is, a unique place for the practice of water sports.

Surrounded by crystal clear waters and a seabed of great beauty, Lanzarote’s coastline brings together a variety of different types of athletes. Surfers, divers and kitesurfers share this small corner of the Atlantic with SUP and bodyboard lovers. And small boats, such as jet skis or kayaks, rubbing shoulders with yachts and boats of considerable size.

Not long ago, the usual sight was only small fishing boats on the water, because years ago the island lived in the primary sector. Despite the irruption of tourism, Lanzarote knew how to preserve its charm and diversify its tourist activity, making activities in natural spaces in the Canary Islands one of its main attractions.

In a successful attempt to get away from the drunken tourism, Lanzarote has opted to establish itself as one of the preferred destinations for young people who spend their vacations enjoying healthier habits. Hence, the diving, kitesurfing and SUP courses in Famara and, above all, surfing schools.

Now, we show you what are the sports that succeed in the Canary waters, and which points on the island of Lanzarote are the best to practice them.


The European Hawaii is right here. With top-level spots such as El Quemao and La Santa, Lanzarote is one of the world’s surfing reference points. Big surfers of recognized prestige move to Lanzarote just to try the famous wave of El Quemao.

But we’re not just talking about a special place for experienced surfers. There are different beaches and each one of them thought for a different type of surfer. For the beginners, there is Famara. With its six kilometers of white sand, it is one of the most important spots of the island for this sport.

The students of the surf camps and other activities rule over those who prefer the quietness of laying down on the beach to forget about civilization for a few hours. And the fact is that the town of Caleta de Famara subsists thanks to lovers of watersports, in an environment where time stopped at some time with the streets still to be paved.


Kitesurfing requires wind. The beach of Famara usually meets the ideal conditions to do pirouettes in the air and to also execute, with some ease, the most basic movements of this sport. It has several interesting peaks in the deepest areas, which will make you enjoy the waves even more.

Normally, the weather is great from May to September, although it is possible to practice kitesurfing throughout the year; especially if your intention is to initiate yourself in this activity.


The sports offer continues under water.

Have you ever dived at night? The night dives of Playa Chica, in Puerto del Carmen, have a great appeal. The access is quite simple. Two dams prevent the waves from breaking in the diving area and make the night dives a safe adventure for the beginners.

In any case, the seabed is so spectacular that it leaves any diver impressed, regardless of their level. Between a sandy and rocky bottom, there is a very rich and varied marine life that must be discovered first hand.


The windsurfers are divided in two areas. Those brave ones will be found in Jameos del Agua, while the newcomers tend to be seen by Las Cucharas.

Located in the north of the island, Jameos del Agua enjoy some more interesting aspects, especially when the winds are noticeable. We are talking about a place for experts and the entrance to the water is already a nuisance, especially at full tide.

If you want to avoid the environment overwhelming you, the most sensible thing is to try Las Cucharas.


SUP, also known as stand up paddle, is a relatively new sport in Europe. It consists on standing on a board and moving in the water with the help of an oar. The ideal weather conditions for SUP are the opposite ones of surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing.

With less wind and less waves, the easier it will be to master the SUP board quickly. If the weather is right, it is possible to practice this discipline almost anywhere in Lanzarote. It is a good exercise to strengthen the upper and lower trunk and a good workout to improve body balance.

It is proven: the paradise of water sports, and increasingly of the mainland too, has its own name and is called Lanzarote. Choose your favorite and encourage yourself to practice it in this unique environment.

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